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Allyship boosts your social posts. How? With a powerful extension that use your teams or friends social accounts to automatically clap, retweet or favorite all your posts.

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1. Create campaigns

Create new campaigns to clap, retweet, favorite, etc. your latest social posts.

2. Invite people

Add your team, friends or fans. Every single one will be enrolled to your campaigns.

3. Get notified

Every time one of your ally has completed a campaign, we notify you.

Allyship works with all major social networks.

Wether you are a Medium writer, a Twitter addict, or even a LinkedIn expert, Allyship will do the trick.

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  • - Up to 5 campaigns per month
  • - Up to 5 users
  • - Access to Medium's claps only
  • - Up to 250 claps per week
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  • - Unlimited campaigns
  • - Unlimited users
  • - Access to all actions (claps, retweets, ...)
  • - Unlimited actions (claps, retweets, ...)
  • - 30-Days Free Trial
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No credit card needed, 30-days free trial.

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Allyship is all managed from your browser.

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Only available on Google Chrome at this stage.