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Allyship helps you to easily promote all your social posts by leveraging on your allies. Allies are whether your team, your friends or even your fans...

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Simple dashboard

A comprehensive look at all your campaigns. You can easily see the state of each of them.

Painless setup

Create a workspace, invite ally and start your campaigns! We take care of the rest.

Instant notification

Follow the progression of your campaigns with our intelligent notification.

Active suport

Most support requests are answered within 24 hours.

More features coming

We are actively working to add more features and integrations to Allyship.

Relax & chill

We are on it, just relax...

Allyship works with all major social networks.

Wether you post on LinkedIn, Facebook (soon), Twitter or Medium, your ally will be able to promote all your posts within seconds.

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Allyship is all managed from your browser.

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Only available on Google Chrome at this stage.